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On Monday 10th December, David and Becca attended the Kent & Medway Funding Fair at Discovery Park with Stronger Kent Communities. 

The Funding Fair is a great way for charities and businesses to network. Along with fundraising seminars and one-to-one mentoring, it’s a great way for charities and businesses to get together and see if they can help one another. 

Business Computer Solutions has been working with Kent Coast Volunteering (originally called Thanet Volunteer Bureau) on several different projects. Our contact Georgie reached out to David and Becca, asking them to speak at the Kent & Medway Funding Fair this year, and suggested they do a talk about the different types of volunteering the staff at BCS have been involved with and the BCS ‘Go Giver’ approach.  

We put together a presentation called ‘Why Volunteering is good for Business: A business Perspective’. This presentation highlighted what we do here at BCS within the community.  

Firstly, we spoke about our Lunch and Learn events, which we have been running for the past two years and how we have helped various businesses on a range of different topics, from GDPR to Marketing to Cybersecurity, including some great online content we’ve put together for businesses on these topics. We also spoke about different projects we have been working on with Kent Coast Volunteering like the Social Media for Charities event we put on and the work we have done with the Shaw Trust.  

David and Becca finished up by explaining how good it is for a business to be involved in the community. Not only does it follow our Core Values, but it also helps with our personal development.  We would recommend any business to volunteer in the community. There are so many charities out there who rely on the help of different businesses.  

Thank you to Kent & Medway Funding Fair for having BCS at your event and thank you Georgie for the speaking opportunity and all your hard work you continue to do.  

To find out how your company could help and support the volunteering section in Kent please get in touch with the lovely team at Stronger Kent Communities on 01843 609339