LinkedIn is by far the most popular business social media networking platform around today. Over 500 million people worldwide have a LinkedIn account; wow!

Last year, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for a mere $26.2 billion and gave it a whole new look! The new look also included the launch of LinkedIn Learning; in September, 2016; A revolution in learning. The evolution of you.

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform, enabling anyone to achieve their objectives and learning aspirations. This was originally an acquisition of just before Microsoft bought LinkedIn. Using their inbuilt intelligence within LinkedIn and by analysing your profile, personalised recommendations are created for you. This enables you to discover which courses are most relevant to you. The courses are broken into bite-sized segments that can be accessed anytime, from any device.

LinkedIn Learning has a library of over 9,000 online courses! They are taught by industry experts and cover a wide range of business, creative and technical topics. Some courses are also offered in different languages including German, Spanish, Japanese and French.


So, how do you access LinkedIn Learning from your account?

On the top bar on your LinkedIn page, click on the work icon with the box above it and click on Learning


This will bring you to your in-Learning account –

Remember earlier we mentioned how LinkedIn use their inbuilt intelligence and by analysing your profile, personalised recommendations are created for you? The first four courses recommended to me are all relevant to my job role and if you scroll down on your page, it will show more…many more!


You can even add skills that you are interested in, so any courses relevant to that skill show as recommendations for you. Simply click on the add skills button on the same page –


Then you will find suggested skills that you can add, by simply clicking on the + next to each skill or you can find skills by using the find skills bar –

The other sections here are:

In Progress – Any courses that you have started will be here for you to access.

Saved – Any courses or videos that you have saved for another time will be here for you to access.

Learning History – When you complete a course, you can find it here!


There are also free courses available to access on LinkedIn Learning. Thought leaders and LinkedIn influencers offer courses on SEO, design, career success and much more!


So, the deciding factor; how much does it cost? You have one month as a free trial. In that month, you can access as many online courses as you like, all for free! After the month’s trial, you have the option to continue or to not; it’s that simple.

If you choose to continue, a monthly fee of £23.99 is all that you will pay. At this price, it is an absolute steal; considering how many available courses there are! If you pay annually, you can save around 18% a year…even better!


Ready to start learning? Haven’t got a LinkedIn account? Having a LinkedIn account creates a huge amount of opportunities and benefits for you, including:

Recruiters are on LinkedIn: People who are hiring are looking at your profile on LinkedIn. In fact, if you are not on LinkedIn, they will miss you and you don’t want that. Your LinkedIn profile is your CV!

LinkedIn has extensive job listings: If you are looking for a new job, you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s job search engine. Many top brands are using LinkedIn to find suitable candidates through job listings and there are plenty of listings exclusive to LinkedIn.

Receive and give endorsements & testimonials: LinkedIn enables your peers to endorse your skills and write recommendations about you. You can do the same for them and other connections. People who are searching for networking connections or job candidates will take these recommendations into consideration.

Make important business connections: You get to choose who to ­connect with on LinkedIn. For example, you can connect with co-workers, employers and customers.

Join professional groups that include like?minded people: LinkedIn hosts thousands of online groups, enabling professionals to network within their respective niches.

Reach out to the people who are viewing your profile: LinkedIn tells you who has viewing your profile. This is beneficial when it comes to meeting new people and making important connections.

Establish your expertise by using the LinkedIn content platform: LinkedIn invites users to create content. Publishing articles on LinkedIn shows you as an industry expert and you will be loved for it; content is king!

Read news from your connections: Your connections post news, tips and updates, which you can read to stay current on industry trends and timely topics.

Research other businesses:  A lot of businesses are on LinkedIn. If you are interested in working with any businesses, you can use LinkedIn to read their business profile, connect with people who work for that business and more.

Introduce others to your books, websites, blogs, and more: Your profile has spots where you can list books you authored and links to your blog, website, or other online content.


Did you find this information useful? Print out or download our PDF here; it may come in handy! – LinkedIn Learning PDF

Ready to start learning? Of course, you are! Visit this link here to visit LinkedIn Learning.

Haven’t got a LinkedIn account? Sign up for free here.

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