LinkedIn reactions
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How do we feel about the new LinkedIn reactions?

LinkedIn has followed the Facebook trend and you can now reaction to people’s posts. You can how express curiosity, love or other emotions to other LinkedIn posts.

You now have the option to use one of the following reactions on another users post:

Here are some examples of where you can use the different reactions.

Celebrate – Express you are celebrating someone getting a new job, or a promotion or taking a professional milestone

Love– Express a post that you fine heart-warming. Maybe it could be a post about raising money for charity or talking about a company / person who has helped a person in their personal or professional life.

Insightful – Express this emotion when you have read a post that offers a lot of new ideas whether that is marketing or tips and tricks.

Curious – Express this when a person is asking a thought-provoking question or debate on LinkedIn. (Like this blog about LinkedIn reactions).


There has been many comments about the new reactions. Is LinkedIn going down the Facebook road and people will start using LinkedIn for nonprofessional reasons. Or is this going to be an amazing marketing tool, so companies and people are going to see what their audience reactions to the most.