If you have a LinkedIn account, you may have noticed it looks a bit different. Microsoft bought LinkedIn last year for just over $26.2 billion! Here is our guide on LinkedIn’s new look and what you need to know.

The homepage: This is much cleaner; at the top left, you can now see a snapshot of your profile with picture, headline and the number of people who have viewed your profile and content. You can click on this to edit your profile and view recent activity.

There is also an updated content sharing section (on the home page in the centre – shown below), where you can share an article, photo or update. Your update can be shared publicly straight to your connected Twitter account or only shared with your LinkedIn connections. You can still include links and @mention other users.


“Me”: The profile section is now called “Me”. Click on this to view and edit your profile, adjust privacy and settings, access help, change language, manage your account, manage job postings, manage a company page (if you are an administrator) or sign out.

There are three areas for updates – background, skills and accomplishments. Background includes work experience, education and volunteer experience.


Your profile: Only the first two lines of your summary section are visible to viewers, so this needs to have relevant information included about you. Contact and personal information now appears at the top right.


Skills & Endorsements: This section is now much cleaner and easier to read. It lists your three most featured skills and endorsements, with the option to view more (shown below). You can also add new skills.


Search: The new user interface has one simple search box. No more drop downs or “Advanced” option on the menu bar. However, if you click on the search box and then click on the magnifying glass, you can do a more detailed search. You can search by people, jobs, companies, groups and schools (as before).


Notifications: On the menu bar (replacing the flag icon) you can view people in your network who have published an article, birthdays, promotions, work anniversaries and so on. You will also see people who have followed you, engaged with your content and endorsed you. Now all the updates are in one place; after visiting your homepage newsfeed, it’s the next place you’ll want to go – it’s the place to be social.


LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning was launched in September, 2016 and promises “a personalised, data-driven learning experience.” It is a fantastic resource, to learn about a wide range of subjects; from SEO to workplace habits!


Metrics and ranking: The new homepage shows the number of profile views. When you click on this (to see who your viewers are), you can see the time for this and the percentage improvement on the previous week. Also, when looking at who has viewed your profile – there is no prompt to get in touch; instead you need to click through to a profile and action from there.


Work: The new work icon at the top of your LinkedIn page gives you the opportunity to visit more of LinkedIn’s products (shown below):



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