What Makes Great Content

So, what makes great content? Whether it is content for your blog posts or white papers, your content creation is so important. Let’s look and see why…

Create visual content

When people are scanning down their news feed, a visual image is going to engage them more, not a text heavy post. Instead of writing loads of text, people would rather look at graph, infographic or picture. After all, a picture paints a thousand words!

Add images into your content and make a post visual.  Large blocks of text may put people off reading anything and make them skim read instead. Be it a blog or a page of analysis facts, always make it visual, which in return will make the content more engaging and easy on the reader’s eye. There is free software available such as Adobe Spark to create images and social memes.

Create engaging content

An engaged audience is one that will listen to you and follow what your organisation does. The only way to get an engaged audience is to make interesting and engaging content:

  • Have a positive and engaging introduction that makes the reader want to click on the post. A catchy title can help with this!
  • Make the content interesting and thought provoking, leaving your audience with things to think about and possibly consider further.
  • When writing your content, create it in such a way that people can relate to it.

Ensure your content can be shared!

When creating content, it is important to produce something that your audience would share and want other people like them to read:

  • Creating content that people will want to share and shout about is a sign of great content! This means that the content released is being engaged with and is also being viewed by a new audience every time it is shared. Sweet!
  • Making sure your content can be shared with ease is important. After it has been finalised and posted out onto your social media platforms, make sure it can be shared and posted easily. People won’t share something that is difficult or doesn’t work.
  • After you have created your content, read back through it and decide whether you would share it yourself. If you don’t like it yourself, why post it?

Create content that is both relevant and relatable

When producing any sort of content, make sure that it is both relevant and relatable to your organisation. Your audience should be able to read your content with ease, without any jargon and can relate to it. By producing content about a topic that people recognise, this will make it both relatable and relevant.

Releasing your content to its full potential!

After writing and producing great content, you now need to post it to get the engagement and views it deserves:

  • Post all written content onto your website. Blog posts are a great way to let your audience know what is happening within your organisation and it also shows you as an expert, result!
  • Create traffic from your social media platforms to your website, by using links to highlight your content on your blog section.
  • Post content with a bold statement title – a catchy title does help!
  • Use hashtags and relevant keywords, so audiences can find your content when searching on their social media platforms.
  • Release your content at key times in the day that will maximise its potential. When are your audience on line? When are your audience most interactive?
  • Making your content seen is one of the most important factors to consider. There is no point creating great content, engaging and visual, but then not releasing it to achieve its full potential.


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