My name is Eden and I have recently joined BCS as “Training Coordinator”. It is a role I am really looking forward to getting stuck into, as I feel it will make a positive impact to our customers having a point of contact that can be there to cover any needs they have around training and learning. To be able to increase productivity for our customers is something that is invaluable, and therefore I feel lucky to be in this position. 

My continual focus will be on providing sessions around the key Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook in our fabulous Learning Zone. It is a great bonus having the facilities available to provide successful workshops, and one that I am sure BCS customers can appreciate! In addition to maintaining the Learning Zone, a big part of my role will be going out to customers and having a dialogue over what BCS can do to help upskill employees, to make themselves and their businesses more successful. By conducting training analysis, I hope to then be able deliver bespoke content that can help develop people’s abilities.  The beauty of such analysis is that the training can be tailored to what an individual requires, rather than attempting a one size fits all approach. This means our customers are really getting the best out of themselves. 

My short time at BCS so far has been brilliant, and it is a testament to the team how easily I feel I’ve slipped into the role. The expertise and dependability of the team has really helped shape my understanding of how important we are to customers, and the fact that I will soon be able to contribute to that is an exciting prospect. I look forward to seeing you for some training soon!