Meet Our New Team Members!
Education, Life@BCS

As one of our core values, Education is paramount here at BCS. Within the IT industry, it is important we are always learning; within the last 3 years technology investment and innovation has grown by 160% in the UK (

This year we welcome 4 new members to our team, Hannah in the Sales & Marketing department, Chris & Tim in Remote Support and Aidan in Professional Services. Have a read below about which qualifications they will be undertaking and how they hope to grow over their journey with us!

Hannah is training for her Level 4 Marketing Executive qualification, presented by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, whilst working full time as our Marketing Assistant. This qualification teaches not only marketing-based skills such as running social media campaigns, but will also cover cross-network liaison, market research and project management. She is most pleased to be developing her skills whilst being able to utilise them in her job simultaneously.

Chris is working towards a Level 3 Information Communications Technician qualification with specialism in Azure Cloud Support. This qualification is served by QA, the leading board for formal IT engineer qualifications. The course lasts 15 months and Chris hopes that at the end of it, he will have a broad knowledge of cloud services both in Microsoft Azure and other platforms such as Google Cloud Shell.

Tim is also on a Level 3 Information Communications Technician course, but is specialising to become a Cloud Network Specialist. As well as this, he is also studying a masters degree in Cybersecurity. Tim is looking forward to becoming more independent surrounding his knowledge in network security, allowing him to branch off into different elements of the subject.

Aidan is in training to achieve a Level 4 qualification as a Cyber Security Technologist. He is looking forward to using Project Ares, a hacking simulation platform in the format of a video game. It is an engaging and effective tool in teaching awareness of hackers and how they operate. Aidan can’t wait to be able to push security awareness out there and continue and learn to grow alongside the ever-changing industry.

Best of luck to our new starters in their journey to becoming a professional within the IT industry!