We have blogged quite a bit recently about Managed Services and how it benefits our customers.

In case you missed them you can check them out here:

What is managed services?

Managed Services Vs Traditional IT Support

How much does managed services cost?

A true MSP

We believe that a true managed services provider will have dedicated resources that are proactively looking to improve and streamline your IT systems and not just look or wait for problems.

We call this our Net Admin Team.

Net Admin 3

The Net Admin Team are some of our best and most senior engineers who do not respond to tickets that are generated by our customers but work proactively to ensure our customers systems are working faster and more efficiently.

This results in more up-time (servers and computers working) and less support tickets.

What does it mean for you?

The difference is that the Net Admin Team are not responding to problems but look ahead to ensure they never happen in the first place as well as doing things to make our customers systems work faster and more efficiently.

This is a Win/Win for everybody as ultimately customers want computers that work and we as a Managed Services Provider want to ensure tickets logged remain low and systems are up and running.

The combination of Managed Services and our Net Admin Team really does make our service more like your outsourced IT department with proactive work being done and not just a help desk waiting to respond when something stops working.

Is the Net Admin Team an extra cost?

No, the Net Admin team works on behalf of all of our customers and is included in the fixed cost pricing which you can learn more about here.

The tables have turned

IT support is not what is used to be. No more waiting for things to go wrong. No more seeing your IT provider as an insurance for when things do go wrong. Managed Services and the inclusion of the Net Admin Team at BCS means IT is less about support and more about confidence that there is work being done behind the scenes to ensure that your IT systems are preforming at their peak when needed and ensuring you get the best ROI from your IT investments.

Working together

The Net Admin Team work closely with the support teams and communicate often. The Support teams are still responding to customer generated tickets and our own system generated tickets where the Net Admin Team although completely aware of the tickets being raised are looking more for patterns and deeper lying potential issues. The Net Admin team are truly our ninjas as they operate outside of the normal support system and do much of the unsung work that stops potential issues before they could ever occur.

The way forward

Managed Services and the Net Admin Team is without a doubt the way forward. Our customers are already benefiting even if they don’t know it yet and we strongly believe that this is the model that business owners will expect.

If IT is a key enabler to your business and you feel that Managed Services would enable you to get on with growing your business, knowing that your IT is being looked after by the best, maybe we should have a chat to see if we can help you?

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