Once upon a time, IT investments were exciting and something we were proud to announce to our business peers that we were spending our hard-earned profits on. Then we reached the point where there was a PC on everyone’s desk.

Updating equipment stopped giving the same warm, fuzzy feeling that we received the first time we invested. In fact, when it still works, why would we consider replacing it?

Microsoft has provided some research:

In summary, downtime has a cost. If it’s just one PC, it’s just one user. If the systems you have are configured correctly, that user can work on a spare system, at a spare desk until the matter is resolved.

But what if it’s your legacy server or infrastructure that fails in service? What is the cost to the business of that outage? What steps can you take to protect your business operation from this risk? What about the risks if your security has not kept pace with the threat landscape? Could you be negligent if you don’t keep your customer identifying data safe and secure?

Microsoft has shared further research as to why you may want to invest in your IT:

The six advantages listed above doesn’t really make surprising reading. If anything, pointing out the advantages just further emphasises the risks of not investing.

To embrace these advantages, our clients enjoy the support of our Technical Account Managers, who work with them closely to define a 3-year investment strategy. This ensures that businesses always make the best of the available innovations, allowing them manage their data accessibility, security and in the worst case scenario, recoverability.