Pilgrims Hospices – Helen Bradley and Khan Tomlinson

25 Year Anniversary

Pilgrim’s Hospice… with Khan and Helen

To mark BCS’s 25th Anniversary, the team are undertaking “25 acts of kindness locally”.  Helen and Khan decided they would like to volunteer at the Pilgrims Hospice Charity shop in Broadstairs.

Helen told us about their day:

“The day started with my Mum picking us up and dropping us off to the shop as we were laden with all of our donations from BCS staff.   We had a tour of the beautiful building which we found out that Pilgrims Hospice actually own.  Mandy Hawkett, the Area Manager talked to us about all that is involved with running a charity shop and showed us how to work the tills and price goods up.   One of the things I hadn’t realised is how important it is to be Gift Aid registered when donating goods, as this means the charity receives 25p extra for every pound.  As long as you have paid taxes you can be registered for Gift Aid.


It was great to be “let loose” to price up goods, choose stock to put out and re-arrange the window display (apart from accidentally breaking a porcelain figurine!). Also, I would like to mention what a brilliant job the regular volunteers do by giving up their time to sort and price up stock and man the tills.  It really is quite hard work!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was great to interact with the customers. I also picked up a few bargains of my own”.




Pilgrims Hospice Mission

 Our Mission is to make a difference in the lives of individuals in east Kent who are facing the last year of life.
To do this, we:

  • Provide open, compassionate care and expertise for patients and their families; both in the community and in our in-patient units. We will continue this support for families through their bereavement.
  • Inform, educate and enable patients and their families so they can make informed choices and participate in planning their own care.
  • Form strategic partnerships throughout our community; sharing our research, knowledge and expertise to enable others to play their part in supporting families where and when they need it.

Watch our 25 Year Anniversary blog page here for updates every week on our volunteering progress.