Christopher Doran

Service Engineer

Starting out in Interactive Media Design, Christopher’s interests in technology and problem solving has continued to grow. Christopher enjoys quality time with family,  but otherwise you can find him on the couch playing a game or catching up on TV!

Heavy Music Enthusiast

A keen attender of music festivals and enjoyer of gigs, Christopher is always on the lookout for the next big tour to be announced and the next excuse to get the train up to London!

Casual Gamer

Christopher plays a whole host of games across multiple platforms. His favourite type of game is one with an engaging story; including games such as  Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts, Ghost of Tsushima, Fire Emblem, Spider-Man (the list could go on).

Animal Lover

Christopher has the pleasure of being annoyed by a little ginger ball of energy, whose favourite pastime is to scratch anything in sight if he is not getting any attention!