Daniel Bradley

Professional Services

Dan is an avid runner, gaming enthusiast and general all-round geek!

Has dog, will travel
Owns a chocolate coloured ‘Floodle’ called Freddie.

Family FC
Oldest of 5 brothers, yet to start a 5 aside football team.

Run Forest Run!
Dan enjoys running way too much, if it’s too windy or rainy to run outside, he will be running in the gym. You’ll often see him spending his Saturday mornings at the various Thanet ‘parkrun’ events, pushing to the front of the pack.

Metal fan
A huge metal head, Dan and calm music just don’t get along. Maybe why his necks always hurts.

Lover of Xenomorphs
Dan loves the Alien films, he would happily spend his weekend watching them back-to-back. This would be his chosen subject if he ever went on Mastermind.