Daryl Woods

Business Community Engagement

With 20 years of sales behind him, Daryl is a seasoned veteran in the world of sales. Daryl has spent a lifetime learning how to engage with people on various different platforms. When it comes to learning this is one of Daryl’s biggest passion’s he loves learning how to do things differently.

Family Man

Daryl loves to spend time with his family. He made the decision 3 years ago to move from Portsmouth with his wife Steph who he says keeps him grounded and focused. He also has 2 step-children; Riley who is 8 years old and into Xbox games in a big way and Keira who is 12 and very much into arts and crafts.

Muscle Man?

Daryl is an avid fan of wrestling and travelled to America for front row seats on the world’s biggest stage, Wrestlemania! However, his passion is bodybuilding, with his childhood hero being 4-time Mr universe himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Animal Lover

Part of Daryl’s family also include animals! They have 2 dogs; one is a Tibetan Terrier called Saffi who is very intelligent but at times a little naughty and the other is a Cocker Poodle called Willow. They also have 2 different sets of fish, some goldfish and some tropical fish in the house, plus fish in the garden pond! To top it all off, part of Daryl’s family is also a lovely horse called Pagan who has been part of the family for 16 years now.

Spare Time

In Daryl’s spare time, he enjoys checking out the politics of the world, watching family friendly movies with the family at home and when he’s not with the family, he likes to watch a good action film. Daryl’s favourite band is Imagine Dragons and when he gets a good amount of spare time, he is keen to go and see them live!