Eden Parker

Training Coordinator

Eden is our in-house Training Coordinator, and is here to serve your needs when it comes to upskilling your staff in all matters Office 365. Bespoke training is his bag, so if you need help using Outlook, or creating spreadsheets in Excel, Eden’s your man.

Hello there!
The force is with this one, as Eden is an avid Star Wars fan. He’s a fan of not just the Originals, but the Prequels and Sequels too, and enjoys taking every opportunity to quote one of the films.

Puppy love
Eden has a Westie/Scotty cross called Obi (see above for geeky reference), who is like a little furry child to him. He enjoys a good game of fetch and a nice walk around the park (Obi, not Eden).

The Beautiful Game
With football being a universal language, it’s one that Eden speaks fluently. A regular sofa spectator and avid player, Eden lives and breathes football, if he’s not asking “did you see the game on the weekend!?”, he’s probably kicking and chasing a leather sphere around somewhere green.

Square eyes
Working for an IT company doesn’t always equal being a tech lover, but in this case it does. Taking an active interest in the latest and greatest technological advances, Eden enjoys the state of awe that comes along with the unveiling of a new shiny tech product.