Jack Daly

Service Engineer

Jack has been passionate about IT from a young age, learning programming (Java and BASIC) and managing Windows and Linux servers to maintain his own game servers. He loves to take on  any challenge, whether it big or small, and is always willing to test his knowledge and develop himself as a person!

Jack loves to toy and tinker with electronics and create little projects that could be useful in day to day life. This ranges from voltmeters built to fit in your car to even self-opening curtains!

Music is a huge part Jack’s life, soothing him through both good and bad days. Jack doesn’t play an instrument however dables in digital music creation using synthesisers and digital audio workstations.

Jack loves to explore and find the hidden history scattered around Kent; a great example of this would be seeing all of the war history in Dover which hides in plain sight.

Alongside our Service Engineer Lewis, Jack runs an online motorsports group called JL Motorsports, where they compete in virtual racing competitions for prizes and potential further opportunities within their professional eSports Racing Division.