Jessica Murphy

Commercial Director

Jessica is on phase 3 of her plans for world domination, she is our business apprentice at BCS, studying for 4 years to gain her Business Management Degree with the University of Kent as well as Chartered Management status with CMI. Meanwhile working in all departments of the company to gain an all rounded knowledge of the business.

Little Miss Clumsy
Jess was a keen sportswoman in her younger days; head of the netball team, played on the school’s boys football team (even though she is a girl) and she was even scouted for Ealing Cricket Club. However, due to all this activity combine with her being extremely accident-prone, she ended up breaking many bones, including both of her arms, both wrists, thumbs and fracturing her skull.

Animal crackers
Jess loves animals and currently has a loving Labrador, a mad Mongrel, a charming Chihuahua and the most adorable kitten you’ve ever seen! She frequently enjoys going to the Zoo and the farm to visit all the animals that she can’t legally keep in her house.

Jess time
When Jess isn’t glued to a computer screen at work she is usually walking her dogs on the beach getting covered in sand and battling the aggressive sea winds or at home with a cup of hot chocolate and relaxing with her family.

Food, glorious food.
Jess is also an avid foodie, with her favorite food being a big greasy double cheeseburger, piled with hash browns and finished off with dipping it in the most mayo you can imagine. She always loves to eat out (fast food style) or get a takeaway…hence her recent purchase of a treadmill.