Joshua Tong

Technical Sales

On his journey towards Wimbledon as an avid Tennis player, Joshua is our latest addition to the Account Management team! He has recently graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a degree in Marketing (yay!).

Tennis Competitor 

Joshua likes to stay active within his free time by competitively playing tennis. Representing his local club and university within the Kent area. Having the honour of captaining his local team. He first found his passion for the sport as a young child and reignited it at university. Joshua’s dreamed of playing at the highest level and winning Wimbledon. Even though the professionals start at an early age. He believes there’s still time. He finds tennis a great way to have a fun and competitive environment while exercising.

Avid Runner

Wanting to increase reach around the tennis court, Joshua took up running to be able to increase speed and stamina. Recently completing the Silverstone half-marathon. Joshua’s now looking to get to the next level of his training to run the Brighton marathon later this year. Running helps to keep him focused and motivated within daily life as over time it shows the gradual progression of getting easier and further each day.

Gaming Enthusiast

Since he was first introduced to the original Xbox at a young age he’s been into gaming. Accumulating many hours over the years. Although, having thousands of hours honing his skills. Joshua wonders how he isn’t a professional yet.

Film Lover

Joshua’s a fan of the film and television industry. Learning more about the cinematography aspects while studying Media at A levels. He enjoys films with a rich in-depth story line, Ridley Scott being his favourite director and Hans Zimmer his favoured composer.