Nathan Norwood

Service Engineer

Technology enthusiast since his early years, Nathan loved breaking things as a child to see how they functioned, and then putting them back together and trying (often in vain) to make them work. This enthusiasm grew into a love for video gaming, which then grew to encapsulate computing in its entirety. Never one to turn down a problem to solve, Nathan loves tricky puzzle games and develops his own programs and games in his spare time.

Kebab Enthusiast
An avid kebab lover, his favourite food in the world. Nathan will never shy away from a kebab, no matter the size or type. Just don’t forget the cheesy chips!

Traveller & Mountaineer
Though his first time leaving the country was to Sicily in 2016, Nathan’s been trying to explore the world in all of its beauty. The pinnacle of this exploration was at the peak of Mount Fuji in 2017, but there’s a lot more left out there to explore.

Hobbyist Programmer
Nathan has been programming since he was 14, and he’s never stopped loving it. It all started with trying to create a homebrew game for the SNES using raw Assembly, and he’s expanded from there to use other languages such as Java, Python, C# and his favourite language, C++.

Up and coming Pianist
In 2018 Nathan managed to acquire a fine old piano for a very reasonable price. Being self-taught, he practices it daily, aspiring to bring sweet, sweet music to his next-door neighbours. I’m sure they love it.

Top Tier Gamer
Since the age of 4, games have always attracted Nathan. The different gameplay styles, the fantastic music and the awesome challenges that they present have always encapsulated what he considers to be “a good time”. Some achievements include reaching diamond in League of Legends, beating one of the top players of TF2 in a 1v1, and being truly legendary at Tetris.