Pierre Middleton

Service Engineer

Pierre is a man of many talents. He has worked on large scale construction projects worth over £500 million to selling womens clothes in America. However, Pierre has finally found his true passion, here at BCS, within the IT industry.

Going International

Pierre loves to travel and mix with different cultures and people. Travelling for the majority of his adult life, Pierre has lived and worked in, America, France, Japan, and spent years travelling the rest of the world. He has many tales which he is happy to bore everyone with!

Country Bumpkin

Pierre is a truly all things country at heart. Having been raised in the countryside he became passionate about wildlife and nature. He currently has a mini zoo in his house, including 10 Silkie chickens, goldfish, a hamster, 2 cats and a dog!

Global Sports Fanatic

Keen sports fan Pierre adores watching any team sport. Particularly Rugby and Football (be that Soccer or good old English Football). Tying in with his international lifestyle, Pierre has favourite teams from each country. Watching the football and grabbing a cold beer is his first stop in each location.

Clumsy Hiker

Pierre loves hiking and often ties his travels in with the most difficult mountain he can find to climb. Among his favourite climbs are the French Alps, where he was born. Pierre once broke his foot climbing a mountain in Japan, however, he didn’t realise throughout his other climbs, including an 8 hour climb up Mount Koyasan.

In vino veritas…

Pierre is a keen believer in the latin phrase ‘In vino veritas’ which means ‘in wine there is truth’, as a great way to make friends and build relationships. Pierre enjoys beer and cider when you see him out and about!