Steve Boulton

Account Manager


Doing a bio for Steve is a lot like attempting to write a positive review for a movie you fell asleep watching. But here goes…

He was young once
Born at a very young age, he had a happy but mostly uneventful childhood. Skipping ahead 20 years, he met the girl of his dreams, said goodbye to his hard-partying lifestyle, fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming an Account Manager and settled down.

Dance pop
He co-created three offspring. Two are World Champion Street Dancers. The third isn’t World Champion of anything but he is only 3, so has a bit more time to prove himself. He has got a remarkable talent for finding Sharpies and colouring the walls, furniture and his face in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Balloon parker
Other than reproducing, Steve is also very good at blowing up balloons and parallel parking.

Superpower – invisibility
His worst trait, other than being able to grow hair in all but the right places, is that he or I… as I am him, is that I am easily distracte…

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