Tim Halls

Service Engineer

Having previously spent 3 years in Australia and 7 years in Wales, Tim is well equipped with experience from many different walks of life. An avid PC gamer and foodie, Tim looks forward to becoming part of a like-minded team in our Remote Support department!

Music Addict 

Always listening to music and rarely caught outside without his headphones on. With tastes ranging from Lo-fi to House, everything and everyone has a theme song after all!

Aspiring Home-Chef 

A fan of cuisine (especially Asian!), and while Tim doesn’t have the skills of a master chef, at least what he cooks is somewhat edible.

PC Gamer 

Having gamed since a young age, this passion has continued over the years, marking almost a decade of being a part of the gaming community! Warning: he may ask you to play a game or two of his most recent faves.

Social & Easy Going 

Tim is always looking to meet new people, share passions and interests, and is not afraid to use himself as the punchline to break the ice!