Wayne Smith

Account Manager

Silver-tongued and razor sharp, Wayne is BCS’s conversationalist and master negotiator. He can talk circles around even the chattiest of natter-ers and has no end of stories and escapades to share from his varied past – He’s usually found glued to a phone in hunt for the next big thing for BCS.

Father of 2
Loving and devoted father to two charming girls, Dolly and Lola keep Wayne on his toes and motivate him to be straight-laced and home on time. It’s a work in progress.

Butlins red coat
Varied backgrounds don’t come more varied than this – Wayne once spent his days singing and dancing as a children’s entertainer at the world-famous Butlins holiday parks. He’s yet to demonstrate this in the office.

All accounted for
Wayne’s unique blend of people prowess and PC know-how has perfectly positioned him to be the chief contact for many of our customer’s IT related queries and Woes. From solutions to Servers, Smith’s got the answer.