PSA: Windows 7 Support is Ending!
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If you still have Windows 7 machines in use, you are already behind the curve in ensuring you are up to date and reducing the risk to your business. From the 14th, you are leaving yourself in a precarious position. Microsoft won’t be patching any Windows 7 machines from this point forth. BCS can assist in providing an upgrade journey for your Windows 7 machines to make sure your business is secure.

We’ve discussed in previous blog posts some of the benefits to updating your software (Windows or otherwise) and it’s crucial we reiterate these points again at such a relevant and poignant time. Feature-wise, you will of course be updating to a new and improved Operating System in the form of Windows 10. Security-wise, you will be support by Microsoft for the latest threats via security updates/patches. Additionally, with new versions of Windows, they tend to be more optimised to your hardware.

It’s not just your business that may be affected if your Windows 7 machines are exploited through their vulnerability. Data loss and cyber-security related attacks could cripple you, as well as any partners or clients that you work with. If you have a Cyber Essentials certification, this could also be at risk due to you having legacy hardware.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to find out how easy it is to make sure your computers are on Windows 10 and secure moving forward. You can reach us on 0800 6521 365.