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As part of our lovely customers support agreement with BCS, up to two delegates can attend any workshop hosted in our Learning Zone. Not an existing BCS customer? Everyone is welcome and we would love to see you! You can see all of our available workshops scheduled at www.bcslearningzone.co.uk.

Training staff is expensive and often ineffective. Typically front led and against a workbook with a rigid format, meaning some delegates found it either too detailed or not stretching enough. The move from push training to pull learning ensures a more effective experience, with the workshop session being tailored to the needs of the participants. It really is all about our lovely delegates and what they want to learn, to make their lives easier within their job roles.

Here is some feedback from our lovely delegates who have attended our Learning Zone sessions:

“Lovely facilities and great staff. Learnt a lot – there is a good structure in place so the attendees basically choose the topics to cover.”

“Very happy, well-paced and suitable format by addressing our areas of required training, as opposed to assumptive training.”

“Was very informative, easy understanding and explained every aspect with great detail. Answered all questions.”

“Absolutely wonderful and very useful. The workshop was tailored to my requirements and I have learnt many tips & techniques that I can immediately put into practice. Thank you!”


Would you like to see what sessions we have scheduled in our Learning Zone? You can print out or save our PDF schedule here – BCS Learning Zone Scheduled Sessions – Workshops Scheduled In The BCS Learning Zone PDF

 Please call our helpful team of ninjas on 01843 572600 if you would like to find out more about the BCS Learning Zone.

 All of our workshops scheduled can be seen at www.bcslearningzone.co.uk.

You can read more about the BCS Learning Zone in our dedicated blog section here.