Whether you’re an organisation with an entire marketing team or a sole trader with your own business, creating content can be very time consuming. From start to finish on your content being created, with finding images, research and adding in your external links, you may find that one good blog post can take a couple of hours.

So, the burning question is, how do you save time in the long run? The solution is re-use your existing content. Re-posting blog content allows you to get the full life out of your created content, that it truly deserves!

Here are our top tips for re-using your existing content:

  • Take your time! Spending quality time on one decent blog post is better than rushing to write three mediocre blog posts. Easy to say I know, but in the long run it’s worth it! Creating useful and relevant content, which can be re-used in more blog posts, magazines and brochures is the best way to build up your stockpile of content. The more content you create, the more you can use in the long run. Content can be turned into eBooks, new blog posts, articles in in house magazines and brochures, the sky is the limit!
  • Identify old blog posts: Look through your existing blog posts and see what you have already posted. You can create a simple spreadsheet to save these in, so you have a point of reference to come back to.
  • Review your most popular posts: Check your analytics to see which blog posts have performed the best over the last year. They were popular for a reason!
  • Create new titles: You will see your original title of the post, which you can easily use again if it’s catchy. If you want to really freshen up your content though, create a new title and give it a new lease of life!
  • Re-using and vamping up existing content can not only be a huge time saver, but it also has benefits for SEO, reach and much more. You may even find value in thinking ahead to your re-using options before you start a new blog post. One story can lead to dozens of pieces of useful and meaningful content.
  • Add new images: Using free software such as Canva, Adobe Spark and Pixabay means you can create your own images or access free images to refresh old content. Genius!

Focus on adding value to the original content and your efforts will be worth it!


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