Red Nose Day at BCS


Here at BCS we love dressing up almost as much as we love raising money for a good cause!

This morning we held a Superhero Friday Huddle, and it became clear that the hero of the moment at BCS is our Security Specialist Lee Hutton, with many members choosing to attend the huddle wearing Lee masks! Khan, of course, is as ever, the pizza lover of BCS!



Our flame haired Jess came as Brave. She’d certainly fit right in on the Highlands of Scotland, though let’s leave the bow and arrow at home Jess, health & safety issues galore! 😉

Kate was the BCS hero, fluttering from department to department with her special Butterfly compact mirror so she can see who needs her help next! Whooooosh!

Helen rightfully came as Wonder Woman, although she says it’s because she mostly wonders where she’s put things, but we at BCS know it’s because she’s simply wonderful.

Jo was Harley Quinn, really enjoying the chance to opt away from her serious Finance Director look!