Redefining your business goals through Office 365
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Adoption is important when it comes to implementing change across your business. Office 365 is an ever evolving and feature filled suite, often with many products you won’t ever really use. However, there are lots of features and functionality that you may well consider using. Additionally, as a SaaS product, Office 365 is likely to build and change over time. A perfect example would be Microsoft Teams, which is a multi-functioning program that is taking over Skype for Business as primary communication tool within Office. This is but one example of where a service such as this can be become convoluted with many tools. This is in part due to the ever-changing business world and also Microsoft’s internal priorities. In a situation like this, Teams is a superior product for users and so it makes sense to change. Admittedly, there’ll be scenarios where it isn’t viable to change products, or there’s a scare that adoption will be inadequate.

If this all sounds familiar, it may be worth sitting down and reviewing your business goals, and how they can integrate into Office 365’s skillset. With the expansion of Office 365 in recent years and its general availability across multiple platforms, it’s become a staple amongst many businesses for its flexibility, scalability and general overall benefit to your business. If you have team members who work outside of the Office, they can still easily access a wealth of mobile versions of programs on their phones/tablets. If they have access to a PC, they can also access the online web portal for Office 365, meaning their work is truly omnipresent.

If you feel your business isn’t as productive or efficient as it could be, then perhaps it’s time to review your Office 365 estate, and look into the best way to serve your needs using the suite. Honestly, Office 365 is now at a stage where it is an incredibly robust product with a broad feature set, making it almost an essential amongst a large number of businesses. Because of how crucial it is to businesses, and its abilities to cover you to most situations, many businesses are turning away from third party programs and investing wholeheartedly into Office 365. It’s ecosystem allows for lots of synergy between programs and products, essentially negating any impact that may occur from the inevitable pitfalls to overcome when trying to bridge the gap between two separate pieces of software from different vendors.

Data also plays a part here. Data plays a pivotal role in many industries, and by using Office 365 as your sole business productivity platform, you will over time build a collection of data that is housed within Office 365, that is contextual and relevant to your business, feeding into various avenues within Office 365. An example of this would be if you created a spreadsheet within OneDrive, you could then use that data to create automated actions through Microsoft Flow, or use analysis tools within PowerBI to gain insight from it. Users could collaborate on the same document through Microsoft Teams, all in real-time, and then could present it to external clients using the same set of tools. The brilliance of Office 365 is this adaptability to a multitude of situations, using a versatile array of products. It’s also scalable, meaning you deploy it for as many users as necessary.

Whilst this may all sound like Office 365 is the holy grail of business enlightenment, as we have previously discussed, it’s important to ensure your business efficiency. You’ll need to decide which avenues you wish to pursue within Office to help boost your business. Not every part of Office 365 will be used, and not every product will be relevant to you. The main thing is to be aware that Office 365 can help you, but ultimately you will need decide what Office 365 is going to do for you.

For the same price as a ream of A4 paper per month, you could afford an Office 365 subscription, which negates the need to waste paper, as well purchasing many other items of stationery and equipment. By digitising your working environment, you give yourself the freedom to work anywhere, removing geographical and physical restrictions, making your business mobile and giving you the power to fire on all cylinders at all times.

What this article won’t do for you is to spell out what you should do and how to use Office 365 to redefine your goals. This is more of an item of awareness to perhaps plant the seed that Office 365 can be more than just “the things that I have on my computer” and become “the tools that drive the business forward”. Even in its simplest form, Office 365 is your vehicle to make your business better, it’s up to you to set the destination.

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