When you hear the words SEO and keywords, do you cover your ears and pretend you didn’t hear? Wish somebody could sit you down and explain what it all means? Fear not…this is part three of our series on SEO Keywords. Didn’t read part one or two? You can read part one here and part two here.

So, let’s talk about making your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keywords work for you. Now that you have found the best keywords, you need to put them to work, to get those crucial SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results.

How does it work? The answer is keyword grouping and organisation. By dividing your keywords into small, manageable groups of related keywords, you will cut down on your workload, while still creating targeted, specific pages.

For example, let’s say you were running a website for an online pet food shop. You might be wise to create one keyword grouping for all your pet food related products, then one for all your pet food relating to cats, etc. The next step would be to segment each individual group into smaller subgroups (cat food, kitten food, senior cat food) and then even smaller groups for each type of product (low-fat cat snacks, low fat senior cat snacks… you get the idea). Now your online pet food shop can create individual pages, optimised for each small keyword group.

So, as well as content, where do your keywords fit into your website?

  • Using the keyword in the title of the page
  • Using the keyword in the URL (e.g., online-petshop.co.uk/catfood/seniorcatfood/lowfatseniorcatfood)
  • Using the keyword in the meta tags, especially the meta description
  • Using the keyword in any image file paths and in the images’ alt text
  • Using the keyword as the anchor text in links back to the page from elsewhere on the site
  • When optimising your web pages, keep in mind that keyword relevance is more important than the keyword itself


Did you find this information useful? Download or print out our PDF – it may come in handy! You can see part one and two in here also! – SEO Keywords Part One, Two and Three PDF

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