Are you struggling to find engaging content ideas to stand out from other organisations? You are not alone! Creating engaging content ideas is a daily battle for many people and it can be extremely frustrating when you cannot think of anything creative or engaging to share with your audience.

Look no further…we are here to help! Here are some social media content ideas to get you started:

  • Original content will make a lasting impression: Content is King! This is true, but not just any content will do. A link, a funny photo, a famous quote or even a recipe are legitimate types of content, but these are not the types of content that will optimise your social media presence and bring you powerful, lasting results. To really go for it, you must have at least one source of original rich content and you have three viable options: A blog, a podcast or a video / video series. Once you make that decision and begin to execute, you’ll have the content behind you that powers whatever social media platforms you choose. A source of rich content provides something that is then shareable, conversational, and engaging for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.
  • Create inspiring stories: Some of the best content is sometimes content that you don’t have to produce yourself. Create a story that is so inspiring that your audience will want to share it everywhere. It could be a charity event or a sponsored ‘run through mud’ for staff members – ask your staff members to get involved with this.
  • Promote other organisations: While this idea may not be the most exciting, or even original, it does work extremely well. Use your social media platforms to talk about your clients or other businesses that you engage with, and promote what they are doing. The easy way is to share their posts and links to our own followers. Pick a business and whom your followers would really benefit from getting to know, and be genuine in your praise. The business will appreciate you, and your followers will benefit from getting to know that business.
  • Focus on conversations: Social media is social for a reason – it is essentially billions of people having conversations and interacting online! Engage in conversations, reply to comments and show that your organisation is consistent in communication.
  • Solve problems: Check out your FAQs and problems that customers have talked about. Think of new questions that you get asked a lot. Answer the question/s or series of questions. Then use these for your content…you will be answering questions that people will be interested in and they will love you for it!


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