What is social media? With all these complicated buzz words and literally hundreds of social networking sites, it can get confusing. Keeping it simple, social media is interacting with people and creating, sharing & exchanging information, online. Whether you use social media for business, pleasure or both, it’s important to know which social networking site is relevant for what purpose.

We will use our BCS Ninja as an example of how we use our social networking sites. Using social media gives us the opportunity to build relationships with people and give a personal insight into BCS, the organisation and the team AKA Ninjas.

Ninja video

Facebook – “Like” if you think our Ninja video is good.
Posting blog articles, pictures and uploading videos about your organisation are good ways of interacting with people on Facebook.

Twitter – Our #ninjas are here 24/7, 365 days a year #shoplocal.
With 140 characters per tweet and a clever use of hashtags, you can interact with people about your organisation.

YouTube – Watch our BCS related videos here!
Uploading videos about your organisation is easily done and with 2.78 million views every sixty seconds, your message will be seen.

LinkedIn – We’re looking for new Ninjas to join our team. 
Connecting with business minded people and networking, it is a perfect way to advertise for people to join your team and also promote your organisation.

Regardless of how you define social media, one thing is for certain, it will continue to evolve. Social media is growing on a daily basis, with 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts, worldwide, and figures show users have risen by 176 million in the last year.

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