Being involved in social media is great fun, very rewarding and it is one of the best ways to market your business or organisation.

Do you sometimes feel a little lost though when it comes to new ideas for posts and content? Need some inspiration? Look no further…we are here to help!

  1. Behind the scenes photographs – These are used a lot by organisations that want to show that they are a trustworthy and accessible brand. It also ‘humanises’ your organisation, by showing staff members.
  2. Use an infographic – Make sure it fits in with your audience. Be sure to include your logo on the image somewhere as well. A picture can be better than a thousand words, so choose wisely and it could be a real engagement tool.
  3. Take a great product photograph – Many companies find this is a way to gain great exposure for their product (it is in the picture), as well as gain some real social proof.
  4. Showcase case studies – Case studies are an excellent way to bring variety and also a little extra marketing potential to your posts. Case studies need to be done right though, so spend time finding great customers to interview who have lots to say.
  5. Give a little – If you want to give a little more to your audience, share a great e-book you have read recently. Do this on a regular basis and your audience will love you!
  6. ‘A day in the life of’- You could become even more creative with your post ideas and link to a ‘day in the life’ post that you have created. You could focus on one member of your team and get them to write a short post that details their working day. It works a treat for making your company more approachable, and it also allows you to bring even more engaging content to your audience.
  7. Customer testimonials – Find a customer who has been with your organisation for a long time and arrange for a full, professional video testimonial to be recorded. This is very effective because it has social proof and is engaging to watch.
  8. Start a competition – This means you can get some real engagement, and if you have a prize you will get a great response. It builds up a sense of community and allows you to have an exciting post on your social media.
  9. Share industry news – As always, one of the best things you can do is to share industry news that is up to date and relevant to your audience. This makes for a much more engaged audience, and they will start to listen to you on the big topics of the day and latest news.
  10. Won an award recently? – If your company has received an award recently, share the news in a post. Make it a clear and factual post, sharing your great news!
  11. Interview some experts – Interview an industry expert and post it on social media. This is a great way to build up your expertise level.
  12. FAQs – Check out your FAQs and think of new questions that you get asked a lot. Answer the question/s or series of questions. Then use these for your posts…you will be answering questions that people will be interested in.
  13. Hints & Tips – Share hints & tips that will make the lives of your customers better. This is value-sharing at its best.
  14. Look at your analytics – Take a look at your social media analytics on a regular basis and work out what is being engaged with the most. This is a classic way to build up even more engagement and produce content that is wanted by your audience.


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