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Brainstorming sessions are fantastic for creating new ideas within your organisation, especially for marketing purposes and a great excuse for getting your team together.

To set yourself up for success, we have devised these guidelines and remember, brainstorming space is so important. That means that whether you outside of work or staying in your work environment, all ideas are good ideas (at least for now). This is crucial, because even one person who insists on questioning ideas or dwelling on practicalities during a brainstorming session, can shut down the creativity of the whole process.


A good brainstorming session gathers two or more brains around a shared goal—in person or online. You can have as many people involved as you want; just break up larger groups (five or more) into smaller teams that can then report back to the whole.

It can be helpful to include people who have no familiarity with the project in a brainstorming session, as they will come in without preconceived notions to weigh them down.

Also, include members from other teams. Sometimes it takes a designer to tell you about the latest great visual technique, and if you don’t have a designer in the room, you might be starting over again later. Don’t be afraid to switch up your groups, as you plan various brainstorms to find the right mix.

Also, nominate someone to keep an eye on the time and keep the brainstorming session within the agreed time. Once your team start brainstorming, time will disappear!

Tips for running a great brainstorming session

Get the creativity flowing: If your group is unusually quiet, try an icebreaker or two to get them into the brainstorming spirit. ‘If you could have any superpower and why’ is always a good ice breaker!

All ideas are good ideas: At this stage, all ideas are good ideas. It can be important for the meeting organiser to keep the conversation on a ‘yes’ level rather than a ‘no, but’ one. That means recognising the validity of each idea and helping to find a way to incorporate it – ask them what they think is the best way to showcase / promote this idea.

 Find that spark: Look for ideas that spark attention, grab interest, stir desire, and inspire action. Focus your brainstorming members on these areas and the ideas you get will be 24 carat gold!

Record Everything: Capture all the ideas (yes, all of them) on a whiteboard or any place that the group can feed off / access them. Take a picture or write up good notes. It is always important to have a record of your process; in case you need to find a second idea.


Did you find this information useful? Download or print out our PDF – it may come in handy! Successful Brainstorming Sessions PDF

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