If you haven’t included target audience research as part of your content strategy, you can start now!  Some people like to use this information to create personas, that shape their ideas from the very beginning. Others like to let the ideas flow first to see how creative they can get and then narrow down the choices, using audience information.

A good starting point if this is new to you? Go through the same process for your organisation that you did while researching your competitors. Then it’s time to get specific, because you will have access to a lot more information about your own company and customers!

Building personas: This is a fantastic way of understanding who will visit your website, read your content and be interested in what your organisation does.  Whether you choose to create detailed personas or basic persona sketches, anything you can do to understand your audience is a good thing for planning and executing your content. Here are some other ways you can get at what ideas your audience might find engaging:

Understand your audience’s needs: Remember as you are creating content and gathering information, to consider audience intent as part of your process. Why? Because it is not enough to know that your audience is interested in a topic. You must understand what they want from information about that topic to make your content marketing truly invaluable!

You can look at places where your audience is already talking with you, too. Customer service surveys, social interactions, and Q&As are all amazing resources. Find out what your customer touch points are and what kind of information you can uncover. You may have marketing gold sitting there already!

Give your audience what they want: Once you know who your audience is and what they might be looking for, it is time to take the extra step and find content that will engage their interests. Related to tangential thinking, you are looking for an overlap in interests that can help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

It could be that your audience has an interest in business events, so you could include local events into your content. A genuine interest may be holidays, so create some imaginative content around holidays! The title could be ‘Working from the Beach?’ Give your audience what they want!

What makes content valuable: You can make your content so good, your audience will love you for it and want more! If your ideas are not hitting the spot, keep thinking! Brainstorm with team members, have a drive out and keep a record of all your ideas (yes all of them) – one day, you may read an old idea that is now gold!  Often something you were working on just needs to be tweaked a little.
Sometimes you will need to start fresh, but it is all worth it when you find the ideas that make your audience happy!


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