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As part of our community engagement role, we are facilitating a series of working lunches to bring School & College peers together, with leading local employers.

Why? So, we can all come together and ensure we give school leavers in our area the opportunity to find employment.

School leavers having options around employment/apprenticeship opportunities in our area is essential. Giving young people in Thanet options for the future is our responsibility and by working alongside local employers, we can put them on the right path to full time employment.

Our scheduled speakers will talk about what skills and interests a young person needs to demonstrate, to best achieve their individual career aspirations and provide an insight into the requirements and demands of some popular industries.

These will be hosted in our main board room, of our offices in Ramsgate. Starting at 12pm, you will be away by 1.30pm and of course, lunch will be provided.

Are you part of a local school or college in our area? We would love to see you here! Contact our helpful team on 01843 572600 or email