The Garden Gate Project – Trevor Singh

25 Year Anniversary

Another day… another volunteering opportunity!

As part of BCS celebrating our 25th Birthday, Trevor was the next to kick off our 25 days of volunteering.

Trevor visited The Garden Gate Project in Margate. It’s a community garden with well-being at it’s heart. The 1.5 acre garden enables people to improve their quality of life, social interaction, physical and mental health in a supportive community environment.

The Garden Gate Project

Here is Trevor with his trusty steed for the day – a battery powered lawnmower charged by solar panels – we love this!

Trevor says…

“It was amazing, I met some really nice people there, they have had the garden for 25 years now and it’s looking great. I hope I contributed to the cause and it had value, even though it was just cutting the grass (a lot of grass!).

The project is a very worthy cause for some under privileged people that clearly enjoyed their time there and valued the project very much.

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