The Power of Vlogging!

You might have started blogging for your business and you might even have started doing videos. But what about vlogging?

That’s right vlogging! Video + Blogging = Vlogging



Vlogging is an affordable way to increase your customer engagement. The benefit of vlogging is that it provides a human face to your company. Although, having pictures of you and your team on your ‘about us’ page of your website this will give you that face, but there is something about a vlog, its more trustworthy. People buy from people and producing vlogs will help build that trust. Having that personal touch will make you different and stand out.

Everyone loves video! You stroll through your Social Media pages and you’ll find lots of videos, whether it’s a video of the latest trailer of your favourite TV series or of a cute dog, video is everywhere. Businesses need to jump on the video bandwagon and pick up the camera!

How to Vlog?

Simply record a video on any camera even your smartphone. You can even use screen recording software as well to show things that are on your screen.

What to vlog about I hear you ask?

Many vloggers vlog their daily or weekly life, which can be done in the office too. Businesses can start documenting their journey. This could be a short clip of an event that you are holding or something funny that happened in the office. People love to be nosey and seeing what others get up to.

Of course, video isn’t just about documenting the journey but also spreading knowledge. Producing educational or informational content that increases brand awareness and helps connect to your audience. Having a top five hints and tips video about a certain subject could really help a person’s day.

If you could find a video of assemble a bed rather than sit there for hours trying to read the instructions, wouldn’t that be great! Therefore, your business needs to be the helpful video and let your competitors be the difficult instructions.

Still not sold? Another reason to vlog is SEO (search engine optimisation) love video! As video is hot right now because people love it so does SEO. More and more people are searching for videos, because they are quick and easy to watch. This means creating a vlog, has a greater chance of ranking higher in search results.

Common Fears and Mistakes:

We all know getting in front of a camera can be quite scary and creates fear in people. You’ll start asking does my voice really sound like that? Is my hair okay?  Do I really look like that? You aren’t alone. Most people fear facing the camera (especially the first time), so here are some common fears and mistakes.

  1. Everyone is self-conscious. You will be your biggest critic. Just get on and do it.
  2. Don’t waste time on a detailed script. Natural passion is always received better.
  3. If you are using your phone, film in landscape not portrait.
  4. Pick a location where the background noise won’t detract from your message.
  5. Your video will never be perfect. Just get it published and you will be ahead of your competitors.

What are you waiting for?

Pick up the camera, hit record and start vlogging!

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