The Top 4 Tools in Outlook

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Outlook is the email client of thousands of users across the globe, and for good reason. It allows you complete control over your inbox, calendar and to-do list, and syncs across multiple platforms and devices.

Here are our top 4 tools you need to know about in Outlook.


Rules allow you to automate your mail and folders so that you don’t have to spend time repeating tedious processes. You can set these up by selecting File in the Main Menu and then selecting Manage Rules & Alerts in the Account Information window.


Colour code items in Outlook using Categories. By default Categories can be found in the Home tab, Tags section.

Delay Delivery

In a new message window, head to the Options tab and in the More Options section, select Delay Delivery. This allows you to finishing drafting an email, but only have it send after a certain time.

Search Folders

These allow you to quickly and easily find items of a similar nature (e.g. messages marked as important). In the left-hand folder pane of Outlook, right-click on Search Folders and select New Search Folder to set these up.

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