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Facebook is a popular social media platform, not only for the everyday user, but also for businesses, organisations and charities. Creating a business ‘like’ page on Facebook is a great way of promoting your organisation, your products & services and connecting with people online.

Here is breakdown of how to make the best of your Facebook ‘like’ page:


Above is the menu that you will see on your Facebook ‘like’ page.

Home: Add two relevant and interesting photographs / pictures to your home page – one profile picture and one cover photograph for example. Make it easy for people to see what your page is all about.

About: Write an overview of what your organisation provides, including your address and contact details. There are many options you can complete in the Page Info section also, including a long description of what your organisation provides and is about.

Photos: You can upload photographs and create albums, to showcase your employees, customers, events, exhibitions and more. Photographs are really important for existing customers and potential prospects to see ‘the people behind the business.’

Reviews: If a customer or potential prospect has had a good customer experience, they can leave a review to tell people about it. This is a great way of promoting your organisation and letting people see how good your organisation is.

Likes: This section provides a breakdown of how many people have ‘liked’ your page. It states the number of people talking about your page, the number of people who have checked in and new page likes on a weekly basis.

Videos: More and more people are watching online video content. Use this section to promote your organisation, customer testimonials, meet the staff videos, exhibitions and more.

Posts: This section provides all the posts you have shared. You can re-share posts from here and also add comments.

Manage Tabs: By clicking on manage tabs, it provides this page below, where you can manage your ‘like’ page, including general and messaging options –


Once your ‘like’ page is created, you can start posting on Facebook. You can upload images, write a status about your organisation, add an offer or event and much more.


Facebook also provides ‘insights’ which allows you to see statistics such as page views, page likes and much more. This tab can be seen at the top of your Facebook page (only people with access / admin rights to your Facebook account can see this information).



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