Utilise Windows More Efficiently

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Windows is the choice of many when it comes to operating systems, and for good reason. On the face of things, it’s easy to use, and most people have had some experience with it. However, it’s also great as it comes packed with under-the-hood capabilities, some of which allow you to work more proficiently. Here’s just a few…

Clipboard History

You’ve copied something and your ready to paste it. You get distracted, and then copy something else by accident. What happens to your original copy!? Where is it!? Fear not, using Windows + V will bring up your clipboard history. This means you can refer back to items previously copied, all within a nice intuitive interface. This elevates simply copying & pasting to the next level.

Virtual Desktops

If you use a shared device, or a your own device for work purposes, Virtual Desktops are great. They allow you to create a blank canvas in which you can open up different programs, helping to segment your Work/Life programs. Press Windows+Tab to create a new desktop.

Snip & Sketch

By pressing the Windows + Shift + S keys, you can access the Snip & Sketch tool. This let’s you take screenshots, with the added functionality of being able to edit & crop them with ease. It balances out simplicity and functionality with features.

Window Snapping

In addition to just clicking and dragging windows around your desktop, you can use the Windows + Arrow Keys to achieve the same result, snapping windows the edges & corners of your screen.


If you’re on the go, or trying to multitask, having to write a handful of emails can be tedious. This is alleviated thanks to Outlook’s (and Office as a whole) ability to let you dictate directly within your email. Within the click of a button, you can talk away and have the program you’re using jot everything down. It’s not without it’s quirks, but by and large you’ll find this a great experience if you like to write handsfree.

Managing Tabs

We’ve all done it. You think you’re finished with a browser tab only to realise a moment later that you need it back! What to do, spend minutes trawling the web to find the same page or give just up? Well, you don’t have to do either! Many modern internet browsers provide you a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to enhance your browsing experience. One such shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+T, which will handily restore the last previously closed tab from the abyss. It’s a small wonder that is understated in it’s usefulness!

Windows has many tricks up its sleeve that can save you time and give you the choice in how you work. Many of these tools and shortcuts are hidden away, and Microsoft doesn’t readily inform you of how to access them. If you want to find out more shortcuts like this, why not get in touch with one of the BCS team, and we’ll be happy to reel some more off for you!

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