We have a very good understanding of the role BCS plays in society and the community at large. Our team members are encouraged to participate in community projects within the local area, with five days each year available to use.

Bex spent the day at the RSPCA Animal Centre in Manston on Friday, 18th November. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is a registered charity in both England and Wales (charity number 219099). They are the leading and longest serving animal charity around, looking after animals since 1824. The RSPCA work hard to ensure all animals are treated with compassion and respect.

After arriving and having a quick tour around, Bex got straight to it! Bex helped to clean, carry out health checks and look after the animals, especially the cats. There were over fifteen cats that were kept there waiting to be re-homed, we’re surprised Bex didn’t take them all back home with her!


Bex enjoyed giving something back to this fantastic charity and as she loves animals, it was her perfect volunteering day!

There are many animals there who need a loving new home including dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs! The RSPCA are always looking for volunteers and are extremely grateful for anybody that can help them. Whether it’s donating your old clothes to their charity shops, fundraising or volunteering, it all helps!


To find out how you can help and more about volunteering with the RSPCA, visit this link here.

Could you re-home a lovely animal?

You can find out more about the RSPCA by visiting their website.

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