Web content filtering is a preventative form of IT Security that works both inside and outside of your network.

You may be familiar with antivirus and even a firewall. These are both important layers of your IT security however they are not enough alone. Let me explain why.

A firewall will protect you from things coming in and out of your network. This is an essential piece of your IT security for when you are in the offices and under the protection of the firewall.

But what happens when you have staff with laptops?  They connect from outside of the protection of the firewall and become vulnerable to attack and infection.

Antivirus, I hear you cry and you are right. Antivirus is the last line of defence. Even outside the safety of your company firewall the antivirus will detect and contain those digital nasties that have invaded your laptops.

The problem here is twofold. The first being that antivirus is never 100% guaranteed and really is the last line of defence. The second being that the virus or malware still managed to get onto the device, therefore, it is reactive i.e. kicked in after the digital nasty got onto your device.

So what is the answer I hear you cry?

Introducing Web Content Filtering (fanfare)

Web content filtering is a service that works inside or outside of the network and prevents anything malicious getting through to your device.

How does it work?

All of your requested internet traffic is passed through a filtering service before you are connected to the requested site. The service will then complete multiple checks about the requested website and determine if it believes the site to be safe to access. This all happens in a blink of an eye and as a user, this will have no effect on your browsing experience other than it being a safe one.

This service runs for hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide and even more users and therefore is collecting millions of data points about what sites are safe and which ones are not. This all adds to the quality of the service and keeps more users safe.

If the website you request could have potential harmful content or links it will block the site. If the site appears clean and safe it will pass through the filter.

The service is simply a setting on the device to route all the website traffic through. This means no hardware to buy, no software to install or maintain and works wherever the device is used.

This is still a very valuable service even to those that do not have lots of roaming laptops due to the fact that it can block these malicious links and sites before they get to your firewall and antivirus.

There are lots more things that can be done with this service like blocking certain types of websites or times of day certain sites can be accessed as well as reports for what sites are being requested and how often.

It can also block users from accessing banned sites as per your company internet use policy. For Example, blocking file sharing sites such as Dropbox. You can even do this by category such as Social Media or Sports.

We really like this service due to the security features and how many potential malicious viruses and malware it has stopped getting anywhere near the networks of our clients.

Sounds amazing, does it cost the earth?

There are price breaks for more than 50 devices but for less than 50 devices the price is a simple £2.00+VAT per device per month. A very small price to pay to keep your company data and devices safe.

If this sounds like something you would like to have in place in your company, you can give our friendly team a call on 0800 6521 365 or you can learn more by visiting this page here.


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