When should you consider moving IT providers?

Let’s be honest, nobody really wants the hassle of moving IT providers. So, When should you consider moving IT providers?  Your existing provider knows your setup and your systems and no matter how much you may not be a great fit, the thought of moving to a new provider sounds painful and you are simply too busy to even contemplate it right? 

The truth is most companies only ever move away from key suppliers such as their accountant or IT provider when there is a significant event or compelling reason. This could be an increase in pricing that does not feel justified or it could simply be a service issue that has caused you significant pain. 

So, when should you move providers?

The first thing you need to do is understand if you really need move at all? What is the biggest reason you want to change? Is this something that can be overcome by communicating with your existing supplier? Often there is a good chance an honest conversation between you and the provider can clear the air and enable an open channel for both parties to communicate and resolve any issues. 

Also, consider what you expect to get from the new provider that you do not currently get.  If it is a price driven conversation you will need to consider that a provider offering a lesser price may not offer the service you’re used to. Again, this is often down to communication and understanding exactly what you get for your money. There could be more service being provided that you even realise.  For example, as part of our monthly fees, we also include managed antivirus software and web content filtering software. We are also logging tickets on our customers’ behalf and resolving them in the background to keep our customers’ computers running faster and without interruption.  They are usually not even aware this is happening. 

If, however, you have exhausted all communication channels and feel it is time to find a new provider, then there has possibly never been a better time to find a long-term technology partner who understands what is important to your business, who is more than just another supplier.  

A technology partner will be as interested in your business goals and objectives as they are the number of computers you have that need supporting. Technology is there to enable your business and its employees to do its best work and a technology partner will look at your IT needs from a business perspective as much as an IT one. 

It will also be a good time to look to the future… perhaps considering what other technology requirements you predict that your business is likely to be considering in the coming 18-24 months and how do other technology partners stack up in terms of their offerings? 

Work out what is important to you when it comes to the core offering of IT support. How does the prospective company operate? How many people do they have available on helpdesks and in the field? Also, what kind of Service Level Agreements are in place? For example, here at BCS, we have a 15-minute SLA on all business limiting tickets that get raised.  

Another thing that is worth understanding is how they handle compliance for themselves and for their customers? Do they hold relevant certifications for things like ISO14001, 27001 and 9001 that demonstrate how the business operates so you can be confident you are dealing with an organised and structured business? 

We would also highly recommend you visit the premises of any IT provider you are considering working with. You will understand more about that company and their staff on that visit than any amount of marketing collateral can ever tell you.   

And finally, if you do have to move providers it is likely to be far less painful than you imagine and in general IT providers in Kent are very good at handing over clients and do not make things difficult at all.  

If you are interested in visiting BCS and taking a look around our offices to see how we work with our customers, we are very confident you will be more than impressed so by all means, drop us a line at hello@bcs365.co.uk or you can call us on 01843 572600