Why Use Instagram?

In the big, wide world of social media, Instagram is relatively new, yet one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. In its short life span of around seven years, it has gained over 500 million users. Wow! The question is, can you afford not to reach them? Of course, not!

At the beginning of Instagram’s life, people primarily used it for sharing photos, getting likes and adding followers. Businesses are understanding that they can use Instagram to grow their online audience, for example, by holding quizzes, share training tips or just sharing a photo of their brand. Plus, it’s easy to connect your Instagram account up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to cross-promote content. Genius!

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to get your organisation signed up to Instagram:

  • Instagram allows simple, yet effective marketing. Responding to comments on your Instagram posts is important; people are having a conversation with you. While it’s great to get thousands of likes and shares on a photo, it is equally as important to keep a tab on the comments people leave for you. You don’t have to have long conversations, but if someone comments on your post or tags your brand in, respond to them. This will help you expand your community, grow your network and build relationships.
  • One of the other major benefits to using Instagram is its video sharing feature. This provides a unique opportunity for people to share brief video clips about their products or services. Short and snappy videos are an engaging, interesting and informative way of communicating with your target audience, as well as a great way to showcase the benefits of your offering in under two minutes.
  • Hashtags are the heartbeat of Instagram. Hashtags offer an easy way to search for and grow your online community, so adding popular or distinctive hashtags to your photos will help you in bundles! Be sure to use relevant #hashtags with everything you post. For instance, if your business sells carpets, you could post photos along with hashtags like #newcarpet or #carpet to reach a larger audience. You could also create a brand-specific hashtag for a contest or promotion, for example, #carpet2017.

Social media is integral to raising awareness of your brand and generating more leads for you. It is woven into almost every aspect of our personal and business lives, so use it to your advantage!


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