Working Remotely, Securely
IT Security

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

With the WFH (work from home) revolution well and truly underway, many users are still finding their feet when it comes to operating on a similar basis to their work environment. Of course getting set up so you can actually work is paramount, but what happens after that? The rules have changed, as well as the environment you work from, but that can mean you could pose a security risk to your business. Think of the variety of internet connections people will have. Not everyone will have the same speeds or ISPs (Internet Providers), and there are many factors that can impact your work. For example, if you are now using a personal device to work from, or have been loaned a device that another family member may have used, there’s no telling if that device is compromised. As you now won’t be under the same safeguards gifted to you whilst at the office, you are much more of a threat to your business, without necessarily even realising.

Use as many of the usual security tools that you would use at work. Do not install any personal apps or programs that are not work related. Only use secure WiFi networks, and even then, make sure you know who else is also connected to this same network. Do not click on any suspicious links or web-pages – this is especially important now as there are many Coronavirus scams doing the rounds. You need to be sensible with a device that is going to be used for work! You are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your business and its assets.

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