What should I look for in a VoIP provider?


If you’re moving from a traditional phone system, then choosing the right VoIP (voice over internet protocol) provider for your business is important. Choosing the right VoIP provider will result in a pain-free transition for your business.

The last thing you need is to be unable to receive communication from customers and suppliers. A failed VoIP installation will waste countless hours and can mean an ever-increasing financial expense. This can  result in an unnecessary headache for your business.

Verified and Tested

We pick only a verified and tested VoIP system, that we utilise ourselves. This way we know our customers are getting the right type of features and quality they expect. We ensure that the user interface is easy to use, so your team can utilise the phone system throughout the day with efficiency and ease. For your clients, it means a more reliable way to reach you. Less waiting times and a quicker route through to you, means more happy clients!

Smooth Installation

Having a successful installation is key, and the right VoIP provider will ensure a roadmap is followed to allow for a smooth install. It sets clear expectations to you and your business in terms of an effective timeline that will give you time to adjust, but also ensures that you aren’t without some form of communication. A pain-free setup is something a good VoIP provider will pride themselves on. VoIP doesn’t take long to put into place, so a good provider like BCS will be able to get you up and running in no time. You’ll be able to select from a wide choice of phone numbers. However, there is also the option of maintaining what you already have.

Ongoing Maintenance

Choosing the right VoIP provider also means less hassle when it comes to ongoing management of your phone systems. Low quality providers will often be slow to find fixes, and you may find your phone lines are down for longer than you would expect. This is obviously not ideal, and again can result in loss of business. A good VoIP provider, however, will actively monitor your systems to ensure maximum smooth operation. This could come in the form of remedial automation, often being pre-emptive in spotting and resolving issues before they become a noticeable problem.

VoIP is often easy to manage yourself due to its intuitive nature and may appeal to the more tech-savvy individual. You’ll also benefit from the fact that you won’t have to pay line rental charges, as VoIP is a fully internet hosted solution, taking away the necessity to pay a service fee. Call rates also tend to be far cheaper than a traditional ISDN line. Also, calls between users within your workforce are commonly free, even if users are working remotely.

Why should I invest?

There really is no better time to invest in a VoIP solution. The wave of remote working that we’re now seeing has accelerated many businesses’ transition to an internet hosted solution. Albeit out of necessity, but many businesses are now waking up to the fact that a VoIP solution is often a cost-effective and incredibly flexible solution. Add to the fact that the traditional ISDN phone system is due to be depreciated in 2025, time is ticking on the old phone system that many businesses still depend on.

Embracing an internet hosted solution sooner rather than later will mean much less pain and expense in the long run. By entrusting a good quality VoIP provider to get you futureproofed, you are investing in the long term for your business as well as just another segment of your IT infrastructure. A good VoIP provider gives you all the benefits a VoIP system brings, without any hassle. The current climate has highlighted that now really is the best time to get started with a VoIP solution. To find out more about how VoIP can be your ideal solution for Remote Working, please see our blog here.

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