VoIP Is The Modern Phone System For The Modern Team. But, Not All VoIP Was Created Equal…

The BCS VoIP Platform provides the flexibility of an internet phone system, with the added benefits of an industry leading service and all the latest tech and features.

What You Need To Know About VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means hosting your complete telephone system via a secure fibre-internet connection. Gone are the cables, bulky equipment, line rental and maintenance charges of the old ISDN systems. Instead, your calls will be hosted remotely in a data centre. It’s a more efficient way to manage all the telephone calls in and out of your business.

VoIP offers many advantages and with BT phasing out the old ISDN system, upon which traditional premise based phones work, it’s not a question of if but when you move over to a digital solution like VoIP.

As the business owner or manager, you want to understand what makes a good VoIP provider and what you need to have in place to get the most out of the system. To make this task easier, BCS have put together an Essential 8 Point Checklist.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of BCS VoIP

Take Your Office Anywhere…

Eliminate Phone Wiring

The BCS VoIP telephone system allows you to connect hardware IP phones directly to a standard computer network port (providing data and power through one cable). Software phones can also be installed directly on a PC (either to run alongside a desk phone, or replace it entirely). You can now eliminate phone wiring and make adding or moving of extensions much easier. In new offices, you can completely eliminate the need for wiring extra ports to be used by the office phone system.


Traditional phone systems are easy to outgrow. Adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware modules. In some cases, you need an entirely new phone system. Not so with a BCS VoIP solution. A standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions – just add more phones to your network to expand!

Enable Hot Desking And Roaming

Hot desking, the process of being able to easily move offices/desks based on the task at hand, has become very popular. Unfortunately, traditional phone systems require extensions to be re-patched to the new location. With a BCS VoIP system, the user simply takes their phone to their new desk – no patching required.

Users can roam too – if an employee has to work from home, he/she can simply fire up their software phone and are able to answer calls to their extension, just as they would in the office. Calls can be diverted anywhere in the world!

BCS VoIP Guide

Turn Telephony To Your Advantage!

Everything that you need to know about BCS VoIP, and choosing a VoIP provider, in our handy downloadable guide.

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