Managed WiFi

The world of WiFi has changed. Are you up to date?

From perking-up a slow connection to multi-layered security, BCS is here to stamp out all your WiFi woes.

WiFi that works for you

Choose a BCS fixed plan, and we’ll cover your existing Wi-Fi network as standard. Easy!

Or perhaps you’re looking for a higher-end solution? Or even a complete revamp of your existing wireless network?

Look no further than our bespoke Wi-Fi services.

Our team are here to help make Wi-Fi woes a thing of the past and help you leverage wireless technology to its fullest.

Worry-free WiFi – check!

We understand WiFi can be a real headache.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the new norm, and even your visitors expect speedy guest WiFi as standard. Not to mention the constantly evolving security threats to your network.

But woe-no-more. BCS can tailor the perfect WiFi solution for you.

Bespoke WiFi with BCS

Our bespoke WiFi solution delivers intelligent hardware, backed by expert BCS management 24/7. Just some of its benefits include:

Single Channel Technology

Our single channel architecture layers additional channels in the same physical space. This eliminates co-channel interference, and enables easy capacity expansion

Load Balancing Technology

Load balancing guarantees improved, steady performance for your WiFi network, plus resiliency upon AP failure.

Seamless Integration

We will seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. This includes support for a diverse array of applications, without compromise.

Fast, Secure Roaming

Our solution promises a zero-loss handoff mechanism, so you can relax when using all your roaming devices.

Guest Access

Whether it’s a constant stream of customers or the occasional visitor. BCS can facilitate controlled WiFi access for guests, that never compromises your network security.

More Secure

So how secure is secure? Choose BCS for total peace of mind with true multi-layered security. This includes encryption, 802.1X authentication, rogue detection and suppression, and wireless IPS/IDS.

Get in touch today and start planning your perfect WiFi solution with BCS.

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