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Accountants & Financial Services Cyber Attacks

Cyberattacks are 300x more likely at Financial Services Companies

Financial Institutions are a prime target for cybercriminals, due to the potential reward available to them following a breach. Often there is a high level of back and forth with emails, invoices and other financial information, combined with tight schedules and busy people, making it easy to fall victim to a scam. Unfortunately, a simple mistake can make or break a company and permanently damage a business’s reputation. At BCS, we offer a security audit service to help analyse and highlight any potential risk areas in your IT infrastructure – even if you’re not an existing client of ours!

IT Fine Tuned For Accountants & Finance Professionals

Security As Standard

At BCS we take IT security seriously. We understand the pain caused by cyberattacks, and know what criminals look for when targeting the Financial Industry. With our in-house cybersecurity specialists, to help you understand and identify the key threats to your business, you’ll be protected from the types of attacks that cause damage to other companies in your sector.

We make sure you’re always up to date with the latest happenings in the cybersecurity world, from a top-level view, allowing you to carry on running your business and give you the best chance of keeping Cyber Criminals at bay. Our tools, combined with our knowledgeable and passionate team, will do whatever it takes to help you to remain secure.

Wave Goodbye To IT Issues

Downtime costs your business money; degrades the experience you provide to your customers and can damage your business. We know how much of an impact even just a small amount of IT failure can cause. That’s why we address all problems with a strong proactive approach. We constantly maintain and analyse your IT infrastructure to make sure it’s healthy and in an optimum condition. This goes toward stopping any potentially damaging or repeated issues before they unravel.

With a dedicated team working behind the scenes with your best interests in mind, you can rest assured that you won’t be wasting time (and therefore losing money) constantly contacting us because of a problem. Technology is great until it stops working. That’s why we make sure that it doesn’t.

Get More Done, More Quickly

We take the stress out of IT issues, by giving you a technology platform to work from, that is optimised to suit the needs of your business. Spend less time worrying about IT and more time making your business successful. We’ll help advise you on the best hardware and software that’s suited for your business, not just for the present but for the future too.

Don’t be plagued by ageing machines that slow your team down and add frustration to their daily lives. By making sure your hardware is also up to date with the latest software & security patches, your business’ IT can run securely. Using out of date kit is a major vulnerability that cybercriminals exploit. With BCS, you can let compatibility issues be a thing of the past!

Use Technology To Grow

Your dedicated Technical Account Manager (not a salesman in disguise), will help scale your business using technology, but more crucially, by genuinely caring and taking the time to understand your business, and in turn, using this knowledge, with our expertise, to design a technology roadmap, that will allow your business to fulfil its mission, and execute against your business goals.

We’ll devote time and energy into your finance-focused endeavours, recommending solutions that we know will be best suited to you. We won’t pester you, but we also won’t leave you in the cold. With BCS, your business will be championed and looked after in a genuine way that gives you the potential to do something special.

Align the Business Objectives of Your Practice to Your IT Strategy – Popular Posts From Our Blog

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Adapting To The Covid Challenge


For an accountancy firm that prides itself on local and personal service, Covid-19 has been a double challenge for Batchelor Coop.

But Director Mike Sole reckons the firm’s 12-strong team has responded well and has become better placed for the post-pandemic world, helped by a similarly customer-focused East Kent firm, BCS:

“Covid-19 blind-sided us like everyone else, but we now have an even stronger partnership with our clients, while proving the value of our long-standing partnership with BCS.”

“We knew we had to maintain some office presence so clients could drop off material, and it then became a question of ‘who works from home and who cannot?’ as things were clearly going to scale down for lockdown and, sadly, some clients’ businesses would suffer.”

“It was also hard because we are proud to offer clients a personalised service, friendly face-to-face meetings and the feeling that they have their own in-house accountant, albeit a few doors or miles away or even in another part of the country.”

“Suddenly, we couldn’t deliver that as normal and at a time when many customers faced hard decisions on how to weather the pandemic, or whether to shut down, go part-time or retire.”

“We shared their qualms about ‘home working’ too; the pandemic has proved it’s not for everyone, particularly younger staff who need office experience and training drawn from established team members.”

“But BCS helped by making sure those at home had the right set up for work and the ‘new normal’ virtual meeting and consultations. We quickly adjusted to delivering the best possible personal touch via Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp and other virtual networks.”

“Covid also accelerated what was happening on the storage front: professional services firms operated traditionally on paper files – and the amount of storage space required – but it moved onto in-house servers and, as internet speeds rose, it is moving to The Cloud. This is a big topic we are looking at now with BCS.”

A Secure Partnership


Mike joined Batchelor Coop in 1994 and has won the prestigious national award ‘Accounting Technician of the Year’. He is a director and ‘head of admin’ alongside his client portfolio work because he relishes that side of IT but admits: “I couldn’t do what BCS do. Thanks to them, we don’t need to worry or think about the tech side of things and they are also great at not making you feel stupid for asking what might seem a naïve technical question.”

“And Cyber Security is a huge worry. We may not be like a bank, with clients’ money directly at risk but it would be hugely embarrassing for an accountancy firm to have its security compromised.”

“Fortunately, we never need doubt that BCS is ahead of the game, preventing virus attacks, keeping on top of GDPR rules, scamming of the ‘I’m trapped in Morocco – can you send £1,000 urgently?’ variety, or anyone hacking into our system.”

“They have completely taken that risk and worry away from us, but just in case any staff are unsure of protocols or any aspect of IT they need to know BCS will always lay on the necessary training. Accountancy also uses a lot of specialist software now, but BCS takes the time to learn what we use and stay on top of updates and so on.”

“We are one of their oldest clients, if not the oldest, and like any sensible business we regularly review what the BCS service costs us, but our 20-year association says it all.”

Free Guide: Team Remote Working The Easy Way

Written for Accountants and Financial Service businesses this guide shows you how to quickly and easily put the pieces together to reduce risk and maximise productivity.

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Do You Know How Secure Your Network Systems Are?

Can you say with confidence that your business is not at risk? We find that many businesses assume they’re protected, until the worst happens. Undertaking an IT Security Audit is a fantastic way to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to keep your business working consistently. It helps by identifying areas of weakness in your IT that could leave you vulnerable and put your business at risk. BCS can provide you with an independent in-depth look at your IT estate and its ability to withstand the worst.

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