Why Us?

We understand you have choices and we’re probably not the only IT company you’re considering.

So, what makes us different? Here’s why we believe BCS is the best fit for your business.

Our Mission

At BCS, we aim to stay on top as the go-to IT services company in Kent. Our mission is to offer first-class support around the clock, to deliver technical excellence, and to exceed our client’s expectations each and every day.

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5 Reasons We Stand Out From the Rest

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We have the technology, tools and expertise to assist your business with every aspect of your IT and tech. And all with a guaranteed 15-minute response time when you need fast IT support.

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Local knowledge

Because we’re based in Kent, we specialise our services for you on a local level. We have a wealth of experience supporting a variety of organisations in the county, across a range of industries.

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We’re not too small and not too big. In fact, you could say we’re perfectly sized. Made up of 25 members of staff, BCS will deliver personalised service at every touchpoint.

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We have an overarching culture of care, for both our clients and our staff. Our customer retention rate is high, and our staff turnover low. The perfect recipe for IT success.

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How do we put this? We’ve been around the block a few times, and have seen many other IT companies come and go. Not only does our years of experience really count, it also means you can rely on us to stick around when you need us most.

Our History

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