Is Cyber Security in your business a cause for concern?

Does your business have an up to date IT Security Strategy? Would your business survive a Cyber Security attack?

If you’re not sure, it could be your business is vulnerable to an attack or breach. Our team are here to keep your IT security as tight as possible, and to help educate your team to stay vigilant in today’s digital world.

Layer up your security

We know working out what Cyber Security products and services your business needs can be a massive headache – especially with so many options available. Our job is to get to know your organisation and help you cut through the noise and implement the most secure solutions for your business.

In our experience, the most secure businesses adopt a layered approach to security and recognise that having Anti-Virus and a Firewall alone may not be enough to keep their businesses safe. Our approach has always been to provide a mix of security solutions, designed to mitigate your exposure to online threats.

We have a range of flexible Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) options available, to help take the pain out of managing your IT security!

Security as Standard!

As part of our commitment to keeping businesses safe and secure in today’s digital world, we have included two layers of security with both of our support plans, as standard!

So, as well as unlimited IT support, your business can benefit from industry leading Anti-Virus Protection and Web Content Filtering all for one monthly price. Already have protection?

Don’t worry, we will replace it with our own Best in Class solution – at no extra cost!

Tired of spam and malicious emails?

Nine out of ten cyber-attacks start with an email. And they’re getting more and more sophisticated.

BCS can help keep your customers and data safe, thanks to one of the industry’s most comprehensive security platforms. Our solution combats spam and malware, along with advanced threats such as spear phishing and ransomware.

Plus, our tamper-proof archiving will keep you compliant with email retention policies. You’ll also have full cloud backup, so you can access every email when you need to, protecting your business from corruption and deletion.

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Is your Wi-Fi locked down?

Keeping your Wi-Fi isolated and secure has never been more important – without adequate controls or security, your business and your data could be exposed, without you realising it.

From providing secure guest access, to keeping your corporate wireless network locked down, our Wi-Fi wizards have a solution to meet the needs of your business.

Not sure if your Wi-Fi meets the grade? Get in touch with BCS and together we’ll make sure you’re a wireless winner.

Firewall as a Service

Prevention is better than cure, right? That’s where our Firewall as a Service comes in.

This next-generation solution is a revolutionary new way to protect your business. It delivers enterprise-grade security and visibility, stopping encrypted threats, phishing attacks, and blocks ransomware at your network edge.

The cost of recovering from a cyber attack can be enough to put you out of business. Mitigate the risk by adding a secure next-generation Firewall to your security stack.

Our Firewall solutions are made to measure and deliver enterprise-grade security and visibility, stopping encrypted threats, phishing attacks, and blocks ransomware at your network edge.

BCS can deliver uncompromised firewall security to put you ahead of the game.

Does your team have access to Cyber Security training?

If the answer to this question is no, your business could be one spoof email away from disaster. More than 90% of network security breaches are caused by human error.

Even with all the best security solutions in the world, your people still have the power to let Cyber-Criminals into your network, without even realising they’re doing so.

At BCS we will work with your team to make sure they have all received up-to-date Cyber Security training – something we include as standard with both our support plans.

Our comprehensive online courses cover IT best practices, phishing and other social engineering techniques – we also have content on data privacy and compliance regulations for organisations that require it. It’s a one-stop solution to power-up your staff, and minimise the chances of a successful cyberattack.

Looking for an IT partner to help you tackle IT Security in your business?

Do You Know How Secure Your Network Systems Are?

Can you say with confidence that your business is not at risk? We find that many businesses assume they’re protected, until the worst happens. Undertaking an IT Security Audit is a fantastic way to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to keep your business working consistently. It helps by identifying areas of weakness in your IT that could leave you vulnerable and put your business at risk. BCS can provide you with an independent in-depth look at your IT estate and its ability to withstand the worst.